Prayer Ministry

Monday Morning Prayer Group

Meeting Time: 10AM - Mondays

This ministry meets Monday mornings in the Fellowship Hall and averages around a dozen members weekly.  Each of these men and women have a hand in praying for our church family on a weekly basis. What a great group of individuals.  Cares and concerns are written on pew cards each week and are brought to the attention of Sandra Wehunt, ministry organizer, or Pastor Gale.  Cards are mailed and prayers raised over each care and concern.  The group appreciates all the support from the church family.  Please continue to inform them with all your cares and concerns.

You may contact Pastor Gale, Sandra Wehunt, or leave a filled out prayer card in the pew or offering plate.
With God's help, they will continue to reach out to folks in need.

Pastor Gale @ 706.910.8074 or [email protected]
Sandra @ 770.926.3585 or [email protected]

God Bless.
Prayer Request
Weekly Prayer List
Long Term 
Short Term
(Homebound or
Longterm Care)

  Teresa Miller Bailey
Fred Bayley
Ben & Judy Beavers
Cheryl Biery
Ellen & Ray Brandt
Mary Clayman
Caroline Connor
Becky Davis
Levada & Bob Eller
Betty Freeman
Mary Green
Jack & Peggy Keheley
Scott King
 Patricia Landress
Billy & Maggie Leonard
Odie Mae Long
Frank & Ruby Lowry
Anne Malcom
Rev. Dean Milford
Roy & Peggy Norman
Ruth Pope
Jean Raines
Duane Reece
Ken Seibert
Sybil Sims
Evelyn & Royce Smith
  Maurice Smith
Whit Whitmer
LaNelle Wood

  Donald Adams
Louise Anderson
Betty Austin
David Bailey
Amanda Baskin
Ayleen Beavers
Brittany Bruce
Ethel Burkhard
Tony Bush
Evan Conley
Mike Conner
Bob Connor, Sr.
Brad Faber
Karen Faulkner
Joan Fuller
Lindsey Fullwood
Bob George
Kinleigh Gibbs
Mary Guy
   Joe Harty
Linda & Mike Horning
David Hutto
Janice Marie Hynes
Cindy Jones
Susan Jones
Marsha Kaye
Nora Kelly
Eric King
Tyler Krannoff
Jane Kuntz
Richard Lee Family
Donnie & Betty Licht
Julie Long
Neal McCleskey
Glen McHenry
Allison McKnight
Graden McWhorter
Wanda Merkle
Arnold Mooney
Gail Oakes
Darlene Olschewske
Bill Orsen
Erik Oswalt
Laura Poole
Justin Priest
Joshua Quinney
Dennis Rimes
Megan Rittenberry
Mason Rush
Chuck Sharp
Pauline Smith
Jennie Soree
Daniel Sutor
Dawn Thorpe
Clint Vanderberg
Antonie Walch
Ruby Weaver
Sandra Wehunt

Fran Guffey
Ruth Lyons

Polly McSwain
Lois Shepard
Dudley Weldon