The Purpose
United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Night Circle 
Location: Home of Gail O.
Time: 7 pm
Leader: Paula Goddard

Feb. 7th
Apr. 11th
Sept. 19th* (Make-up date)
Nov. 14th
2017 UMW
Mrs. Paula Goddard

​​ Day Circle​​
Location: LRUMC Fellowship Room
Leader: Bonita Cox

Apr. 25th
June 27th
Aug. 29th @ 11:15am

Our Activities: 
Mother/Daughter/Special Friend Banquet
Mission Studies
Mission Support
MUST Ministries Summer Lunch Program
Prayer Breakfast
District Social Action Project
Fall Retreat
Annual Christmas Luncheon


Social Action Project 

You may have noticed the 3-gallon water containers upstairs and in our Fellowship Hall. WATER FOR LIFE is one of the Social Action Projects for United Methodist Women this year.

All funds raised will be donated to construct wells to provide clean water and toilets to
improve the living standards in communities in Liberia, Africa. 

Here is a message from our contact through  "Water for Life."

Dear Bonita,

It is pleasure to hear from you about your congregation's interest in supporting our water project here in Liberia. I think that this is a blessing and than you for chosen the Water for Life project to support.

Access to safe water and proper sanitation are very serious challenges that every Liberian is faced, especially women and children that continue to bear the brunt of the situation. The United Methodist Church in Liberia through the Water for Life project is helping to increase access to safe water and sanitation by constructing wells and toilets around Liberia. You support will enhance our capacity to do more for the people of Liberia that are in desperate need of safe water and sanitation facilities. 

Please see attached hereto for some photos and video.


2016-2017 Events

Women's Fall Retreat!
Photos coming soon!

More Events Albums to come!

Summer Lunch Program
- Pictures coming soon!

Mother Daughter Friends Banquet 

A great time of fun and fellowship for all of the ladies in the church with their friends and family.

What a great time!


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