Give your time, talents, and gifts to God,
through the Little River Missions Challenge! 

- Commit to Missions this year with Little River -
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Project Complete:

PBJ Sandwich Making Party! - Success

June 24 - Sunday @ 12:30PM

Organized by UMWomen.

Completed over 300 sandwiches and 250 sack lunches!
20+ Volunteers!
Go team!

Project Complete!

3 Large bins of supplies were delivered to the Conferece Pastor Gale, Youth Minister Jessica Porter, Kim Simmons, & Mary Lou Owenby attended in early June! 

Great job collecting supplies for these much needed kits for disaster relief! 

Hygiene Kit Materials - kit value is $12.00 plus $1.00 shipping
One hand towel (15x25 - 17x27)

One washcloth.
One comb
One toenail or fingernail clipper
One bath-size soap
One adult toothbrush
10 adhesive bandages
One one-gallon size re-sealable bag
Project: IN PROGRESS - Join us!

Update: We've had great fun so far with these families! Coloring, listening to praise music, and just talking! Showing love to a largely hispanic community that attends Woodstock Elementary School.  6+ Volunteers make a great team each day.

When: M-F,    June 6 – July 3   &   July 9-20,     

Time: 10:00 - Noon

For Who: Ansley Park trailer park - Dupree Road, 100+ children

Meeting Location: Little River Church @ 10 AM.

- Picking up Lunches at Woodstock H.S. each day with church crew of volunteers @ 10:30.

- Delivering Lunches from 10:45 - Noon

Organized Through: Cher. Co.  School District

   We need as many helpers as possible.

Extra Supplies Needed: crayons, activity pages & colored pencils.

How about telling a Bible story while they eat? 

Please sign-up by writing your name on the calendars in the hallway or by filling out the form for certain dates. 
Dates you wish to sign up for:
!Fill The ARK
Join Little River in purchasing an ARK full of animals to be sent all over the world to countries in need through Heifer International! 
Donate to the Church's "ARK fund", and follow our progress! Everyone will be notified when the ARK is complete! 
Over $1200 raised so far!

ARK Animal Sponsorship

How to Give Via PayPal: 
1. Click on Price Tag below animal. 
2. Login to PayPal, or "fast pay" with a credit/debit card. 
3. Enter your NAME in the notes section.
4. Click "Share Address" - charitable giving receipt to be sent at end of year for tax purposes.

Cash & Checks:
1. Mail to Little River via P.O. Box 637, Woodstock, GA 30188
2. Note ARK Donation & which animal, or general donation to ARK Project.
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Alpaca - $150
Flock - Chicks - $20
Cow - $500
Donkey - $400
3 Ducks - $20
Goat - $120
Flock - Geese - $20
3 Guinea Pigs - $40
Beehive - $30
Llama - $150
Ox - $500
Pig - $120
3 Rabbits - $60
Sheep - $120
Water Buffalo - $250

Fall Break Mission Trip
(Open to Adults & Youth Group)
Sept. 16-21

Sign up with Pastor Gale Seibert or Jessica Porter

We hope to help this children's home with several projects throughout the week while we stay at Shiloh UMC Camp Grounds nearby. 

Join us for a great trip!
Or sign up to join us for the day!
Staying at Shiloh UMC Camp Grounds.